We're heading out on a year long trip!  We're looking for adventure, time together, to learn from each other, to see other parts of this great big world, and to slow life down a little bit. 

Thank You!!

A BIG warm thank you to all our friends and family for the most amazing send-off.  Our hearts and bellies are full!  Thank you for the thoughtful care packages, cards, gifts, and well wishes.  Thank you for watching our children, offering to help in any way, and for taking us in when we moved out of our house.  And, thank you for the most amazing, fun, and generous party (my feet were still hurting yesterday from dancing barefoot on the concrete for so long)!!!

We will miss you ALL so much, but your generosity, love and thoughtfulness will linger in our hearts and remind us why we will want to (eventually) come home.  XOXOXO




Settling In

Settling In

Two Days and Counting!!