We're heading out on a year long trip!  We're looking for adventure, time together, to learn from each other, to see other parts of this great big world, and to slow life down a little bit. 



We are at an RV park in Thermopolis, WY!  It's hot.  It's dry.  It's sunny!!!  It's just what we need! We have a great campsite with lots of space and green grass.  We don't need to pack up our camp to bear-proof it every night (we are out of bear country).  We can hang outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitos.  We can wake up and drink coffee in the sun, play music, swing in hammocks, stretch on our mats, play in the grass, and relax.  We don't have an agenda.  We are happy!!  

We left Yellowstone National Park on Monday evening with a hope of finding a great campsite that we would want to stay in for several nights (and we found it!!!).  We had a good time while we were there, but there was a lot of driving, planning, and a lot of packing-up involved in each day.  Plus, it was wet, rainy and chilly. At first we tried exploring Yellowstone in between the rain showers (sometimes downpours), but by the end we just planned on getting out and getting soaked - and believe me, we did!  

Here are a few pictures from Yellowstone.  I'm heading outside to drink coffee in the sun!  More about Yellowstone and what we've been up to later....





Recharged and Ready to Go!

Rain, Rain, Rain